What I learned from my mother

21/01/2018 - 5 Comments - Sink Philosophy | Family

I have learned endless lessons from my mother – both the kind of things which I am proud of knowing, and the kind of things we try to unlearn together. What’s funny about this is that I have not learned the main because she tought me.

I sincerely doubt there exists anyone who doesn't like pastel. Of course, I don't mean kind of cold, kind of limp, oil dripping pastéis. No.
I mean fresh, warm, crunchy, neat. Fried in new oil. It's not possible to not like those.
A happy eventual addition to the daily lunch, a quick snack at the farmers market (along with that ice cold glass of sugarcane juice) , or even a nice appetizer to serve with beer: that's today's recipe.
After experimenting the four recipes I found in my grandma Nelci's notebooks, I chose the one that came out just like the pastel she used to prepare, and here it goes.


My grandma's cheese sticks

05/06/2014 - 8 Comments - Recipes | Cookies, Family, Cheese

During these last summer vacation I have looked for the treasure of treasures:

the folder where my grandma's recipes were kept - which I brought home.

Some things, like the bee hives and the bread were never written down - she used to prepare them by heart.

On the other hand, these cheese biscuits, the cornmeal spongecake topped with cream and oranges, the grustuli, are in her notebooks, in her handwriting.

These are recipes that will inevitably bring memories to my family, and will make us happy whenever we prepare them. Every once in a while I'll share one of those, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Bee hives

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This is a family recipe, which we never knew where came from.

I don't know if the whole thing was my grandma's idea, or if she saw something like it and made up her own version.

What matters here is that ever since I remember existing, bee hives is a treat present in our christmas, which sometimes she would also prepare in random afternoons.

It's been a couple years since my grandmother passed away, and since then we hadn't cooked the dishes that she used to make. But before I came to Santa Catarina this year (yeeess! I'm here already!) they wrote me asking if I could bake the bee hives, because everyone missed it.

I've tried, and it worked out. So here goes the recipe in case someone feels like having a new christmas tradition. This test-hive was devoured as a snack while still warm. The only thing they said was not the same was the glaze, so except for that the treat was like the original. 

There are some things we learn as small kids, often times through observation, and they end up becoming absolute truths for us.

One of such things I have learned from my grandmother Nelci: everytime we receive a visit at home, or every time someone from home is coming back from a trip, we make something special to wait for that person. Every time.

It happened that 98% of the time the special thing was to bake a cake.

So in my head, receiving a visit is associated to baking cakes.

A few days ago, I received two very dear people (hi Ire, hi mom), so there it is, lemon and poppy seeds cake.

Of course I got this recipe at technicolor kitchen, the kingdom of sweets made with citrus fruit, and for me, the perfect place to find something good to do with my recently-acquired seeds.