DIY Personal care

04/09/2017 - 5 Comments - Recipes | Baking soda, Cleaning

I've always been fond of foods, medicine and personal care which are simple and minimally processed. Like preparing my own bread, yogurt, using propolis to heal minor cuts and scratches, and moisturizing my hair with aloe vera.
But once, around 2013, I got really pissed about hair frizz and started searching online for some product that would help me fix my curls.
In the search, the so called "no poo" showed up: the habit of washing hair without shampoo. It appeared again and again as a solution for beatiful hair. In spite of the skepticism, I gave it a try. And never went back.

Since then, my bathroom counter has less and less packages.
My skin, hair, teeth - personal care in general - are doing fine. Actually, now and then someone comments I smell nice ;) In a sum, here I share what we could call a "beauty routine" (and the corresponding recipes).


Wintery gingerbread cookies

03/04/2012 - 1 Comments - Recipes | Baking soda, Cookies, Cinnamon, Ginger, Molasses, Pepper

This recipe from Deb is a version of what we consume here in Brazil as Christmas cookies.

But for me, it makes a whole lot more sense to eat those spice-packed cookies - which would perfectly match hot cocoa - in the Winter.

So, preparing myself for the upcoming cold weather which has come and gone a few times to São Paulo over the past weeks, I tested this recipe that has been in my list since it was posted in Smitten Kitchen.

The cookies are soft and not overly sweet, they feel cozy.

But next time, I will be using less pepper, for sure. Geez, cayenne is hot!



16/12/2010 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Brown sugar, Baking soda, Cookies, All purpose flour, Ginger, Butter, Honey, Egg

To brighten up the life of a boy who's got a serious flu and can't even leave home, I baked some squirrels.

Yesterday I had picnic with some friends at ibirapuera park.
I baked some cookies to bring. They were pretty ugly, but tasted nice.
Next time I'll give more attention to they're appearance...

Well, I've written about the thanks shortbreads, now it'll be the cookies.

I've adapted this from a recipe by Patrícia.