Right now, while Summer heat is approaching, plants grow, leavens bubble, schedules become tight. Our minds are so full, all one asks for is refreshment – a breath of life.
A great way to deal is drinking plenty of water (and some beer once in a while ;). Another way is to go all out into salads with sprouted grains and seeds.

In the germination process, seeds and grains let out all of the energy they have stored, in the intention of nourishing the new plant that is coming to life. So, besides having more nutrients available at this point, they are more easily digested and absorbed.
Along with root, fruit, and leafy vegetables and a good sauce, we can quench hunger in a light and practical way. This salad is great on lunchboxes and hurried days in general. Check out how to do it!

Call me cliché, call me a teenager, but I love it when Spring arrives.
I know, generally the mental connection is Spring = the moment when flowers bloom and butterflies appear everywhere, like in a romance by José de Alencar; I think more of the fruit trees that become loaded, the luxuriant vegetables, days of full sun and cool breeze - beast weather ever.
And, at least for me, the season's change seems to bring a new year's mood. Maybe that's because my birthday is at this time of the year.
Or maybe just because it announces that in a few months the year will actually be over.
Anyway, if we are to focus in the subject of "luxurious vegetables" we end up in today's post, which is a very practical way of eating salad.

I like to make these rice paper rolls filled with salad when my family gathers at my mother's house in the Summer. In there, sometimes we do not make serious lunch, at the right time, with everyone sitting around the table.
Sometimes table is set and a dish comes out, then another, little ones run after the pets or make "science projects", grown ups read, lay in the hammock, cook, draw, assemble a gimmick or a model aircraft, take care of the soundtrack, the list goes on.
And well, I really enjoy the idea of being able to eat salad civilly with my hands. Let's face it, this is not exactly possible with regular salads. Even more so if they have a sauce.

The classic in question is rice and beans, which always has one small change or another, but I never get tired of it. 

After a couple days without stoping at home, I went to the supermarket and cooked a lunch comme il faut.

I had it with a colorful yummy salad, and a roasted pumpkin slice that doesn't show in the pictures.


How to wash leafy greens

07/09/2012 - 3 Comments - By the way | Salad

People, to eat salad, what do we need?

We need salad ready to eat. It's that simple.

Properly washing salad takes time and is boring, that's why nobody has patience to do it when they come home from work and cook dinner, or when they make a quick weekday lunch. Or prepare their lunchbox, whatever.

At least, I am like that.

However, I like eating salad, and a lot of it too.

To solve this matter, I adopted an idea I've seen in La Cucinetta - I can't remember in which post nor when - that's to do everything in one single day: go to the farmers market & washing the leafy vegetables all at once.

The remaining vegetables and fruits I wash only when I use them, but for the leafs this has been quite useful, because they last me a whole week.

Of course I'm not able to do that every week, but I would like to.

Below you can see how I prepare my greens to make sure they are clean and fresh for a couple days.


Ginger and pepper salad dressing

24/02/2012 - 1 Comments - Recipes | Acidic, Kale, Ginger, Pepper, Salad

I think salad recipes are something funny. I've always had this impression that salad is a matter of combining whatever you have on hand. It's just washing the leaves, chopping some vegetables, add olive oil, salt, and lemon or vinegar. There, why complicate it?

But then I saw this chinese salad recipe, from which I took the inspiration for this dressing.

And I started reading salad pride more often, because I used to just pass by there quickly to take a look at the pictures. So I changed my mind on the subject.