Stencil is a very accessible technique used for decoration which renders beautiful results. It delivers your message in walls, t-shirts, and even cakes.
Basically, we cut out a surface, and the parts taken out of the paper form the drawing that will be printed. I think the picture below will help.

I really enjoy playing around with stencil, so I experiment with detailed images, such as the Nacho Libre below. Anyway, I have also made cakes embellished with only a couple of hearts and find it beautiful. Since Rebeca asked me, I have prepared this post to explain how to make stencils.

The cliché the title refers to is myself, yours truly. How's that? Like this:
I have been filming very little in the last couple of months, since the economy has been particularly bad this year. I know it reflects in all professional areas, thus in publicity too (which is mostly the films sets which I am in).
So, I have been at home for a good time, cooking and writing, and organizing the blog, and comes a time when I get fed up and have to change the scenery. There lies the cliché: in spite of the many subjects in mind, I got a certain lack of inspiration for writing. So I went to a cafe, and all out of a sudden I can't stop drawing letters on the paper.

Usually, a nearby park is my backyard. But with this nice soft rain falling, I decided to go see this place I've been willing to visit for a while now. I fell in love with it.
In part because on my way there, walking, ideas started to shape themselves without me even noticing it.

As for the unusual, it's that the other day I stumbled upon a pretty bunch of beetroots at home that had no destiny yet, since I've been more interested in the beets' foliage than on themselves. I remembered this cute video a friend recommended ages ago, where they showed the recipe to a flourless beet chocolate cake. That's a combination in which I would not think if nobody told me of it. And, I got to tell you, it's delicious!

So, what do we have here?

A boyfriend's birthday, a huge jar of dulce de leche from Minas (I think it was 500g, maybe more), and some great peanuts.

For me, it seemed like a good idea to turn it all into a cinnamon cake filled with a peanut crispy and dulce de leche. I adapted this recipe for the cake dough, which came out a bit too dry, but even so it tasted nice, and the result was the cake in the pictures.


White yogurt cake

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This is a basic everyday cake, so so fluffy.

The recipe is quite a bit adapted from here.


Cupcakes for Santa Fé

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Lucas and Ariane, friends who study fashion design, had to make for class something that related palate to a brand, for example something to serve at an inauguration party.

They chose Santa Fé, Arianes's brand of bags and purses, and asked for some help with the cupcakes.

Well, in the first batch I used a recipe which I didn't know, and the result was the disaster you can see in the picture above. But the day was saved by Edi's chocolate cake recipe. Whew!


Flourless banana cakes

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Did you notice I frequently have leftover bananas? haha

This is a simple flourless cake, pretty good to have at breakfast.

Quickbreads, this wonder of humanity!

In fact, I would call these tiny guys cakes, because they are made with baking powder, not yeast.

And this is the reason why you can whip up a batch so fast.

They are great as last-minute snacks, for those times when someone comes over and you're not ready for it, to serve as an excuse to turn on the oven on chilly days, this kind of thing...

The recipe comes from a book a friend gave me last year, it's called "Marvellous mini cakes" by Ilona Chavancova.

There are some things we learn as small kids, often times through observation, and they end up becoming absolute truths for us.

One of such things I have learned from my grandmother Nelci: everytime we receive a visit at home, or every time someone from home is coming back from a trip, we make something special to wait for that person. Every time.

It happened that 98% of the time the special thing was to bake a cake.

So in my head, receiving a visit is associated to baking cakes.

A few days ago, I received two very dear people (hi Ire, hi mom), so there it is, lemon and poppy seeds cake.

Of course I got this recipe at technicolor kitchen, the kingdom of sweets made with citrus fruit, and for me, the perfect place to find something good to do with my recently-acquired seeds.



I got this recipe from my friend Catharina, because she once prepared it and the cake was extremely soft and fluffy and great. I don't know were she originally got it, though.

Anyway, it's been my go-to white cake recipe since then.

Every time I have baked it, I filled covered the cake in dark chocolate ganache.

In one of such times, I also threw in pieces of banana. I'll tell you: this cake can't fail.

At the end of 2009/ beginning of 2010 was when I got the hang of baking cookies. I'm that kind of person who might be mistaken many times, but at least makes mistakes paying attention, so I remember them and try to avoid them each time I prepare a recipe again.
After a while (which might be long or short) I learn the right way. Well, it happens that my brother only saw the cookies when I more often baking nicely, and I remember him being impressed.
It made me so glad, that whenever possible (when my mother comes to visit me) I bake something to send him. Then I started thinking about his birthday cake, which I wanted to be pretty and full of love.


A trick.

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Obs: the previous post, as well as this one and the next are being written while I eat some junk pre-cooked noodles, purely because of hunger and tiredness due to a crazy week.
Well, the trick is something quick.
Whenever you have at a home a cake that's getting old, drying, and isn't so much of a hit anymore (and no one wants to throw food away, because that's not something ok to be done) it gains a whole new appeal if turned into a toast, nice and warm.

I had mine plain, with coffee. But if it is the case, having it with butter/jam/honey or whatever is great too.