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Do you recall the famous saying, “one thing is one thing, something else is something else”?
Well, it makes sense to me.
If I paint stripes in a horse, is it a zebra? Well, no. It might seem like one, and I don’t really know what the difference is, but I know it exists.
Certainly, there are people who consider me obtuse but, for me, “eggless omelette” sounds counterintuitive (however, I will gladly cook and have for lunch a chickpea frittata).

I suppose, many people consider “all natural”, “vegetarian”, “vegan”, “paleo”, people who don’t consume dairy or gluten, to be all part of one coherent group.
Well, this is not true.
Each one has their own reasons to make the choices they make, and even people who have similar diets might have very different motivations.


Conceptual and practical Kitchen – Finishing studies, the expectations begin

22/03/2016 - 2 Comments - Conceptual and practical kitchen |

After I got my degree at Senac’s course, I immediately moved to Florianópolis/Santa Catarina, where I was hired at the Costão do Santinho resort as a first rank kitchen assistant. In spite of the critic placed in the previous text, it is needless to say that papers have the power of overcoming practice, in such a way all I had to do was present my diploma to get the job.

I was cast for the night shift at the hotel’s main kitchen, at the wonderful touristic “Magic Island”. After taking a beautiful selfie, I wore my uniform and checked in.


Sink philosophy – Where I’ve been

07/03/2016 - 2 Comments - Sink Philosophy |

Foto: Max M. Fuhlendorf

2015 has been quite an intense year in my life, inside more than outside. I thought it would be a year to observe and absorb, to learn a lot of things rather than making things. And so it was.
It’s just that I thought the natural sequence of events would be, from that moment, learning how to better manage my time, mood, the publishing of texts and videos, sport practice and meditation… pfff. We’re so naïf, right?
I don’t know who came up with this idea that first one thing happens, then the other. It is always everything-at-once-now, and we are the ones who set the rhythm.
I go on observing and learning, and I am starting to think that this lasts a lifetime. So, in order to have a whole life, the way is to make and do on the move the things we wish. That’s what I’ve been doing. Sort of.
To be complete, I need to share in here the things I discover. So, here you have a sum of the recent times.

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