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By the way - How to use measuring tools precisely

17/04/2015 - 0 Comments - By the way |

Hello, sweeties! How are you doing?
For a change, I am thinking and reading about food all the time, photographing a lot and - yum! - cooking.
I have been making breads and cakes quite often. One of these days I reminded of myself in 2010, in love with everything I saw at Technicolor Kitchen, and not understanding why Patrícia would measure the ingredients with such precision: 1 cup + 2 table spoons?! I used to think to myself  "oh, a full cup is fine".
The point is that in order to be able to repeat a recipe making sure it will come out every time as expected, we really need to measure ingredients with attention. Even more so if we are making our own experiments to adapt or create a recipe (case in which, besides measuring carefully, I take notes to compare results). For instance: I have been preparing gluten free cakes lately, and I had to test the ratios of different kinds of flour to achieve a tasty texture (nothing weird. Basically it's rice flour with tapioca starch. Sometimes I include corn starch too). Paying such attention to measures is particularly useful in baking and preparing pasta.
Anyway, let's cut to the chase.

I have been philosofical lately, pensive, reading about different ways of understanding life, routine, spirituality. Maybe it does not make all that sense in the way I speak, but the fact is I have been paying attention to what every situation brings.
Just like I have been hugely interested in studying ways to pay attention to the body, I want to pay attention to the ways I/we relate to people around us and the situations that appear every 5 minutes.

"So what?" you ask me.

So that, cycling around Pomerode I have noticed  the loaded guava trees, giving so much fruit that we barely know what to do with all of it.
I recalled that Dede, a good friend, told me I should published a recipe for frapuccino - a sweet, frothy, refreshing beverage she likes to drink at starkucks.

Strictly speaking, frapuccino is a version of frappé. It's supposed to be a blended drink, airy and frothy, it usually takes coffee, sugar, vanilla, cream.
En what's the difference regarding smoothies, iced coffee, iced capuccino? Well, it not that easy to define. It seems like the difference lies in the bubbles, in the incorporated air. To achieve it, the drink is blended longer.


Sink philosophy: now gesticulating!

01/04/2015 - 1 Comments - Sink Philosophy |

The film crew!

Loves of mine, I don't know if I ever mentioned this habit I got of gesticulating. Did I? It so happens that I just can't speak without moving my hands, it's even kind of funny.
Well. The fact is, from now on, I will publish videos on youtube. In this way, beyond words and photos, I will be able to use gestures to explain the recipes and hints that come out of my kitchen.

This idea of shooting videos is not new. But here in Pomerode is where it became concrete.
While I left the large film sets to focus in the kitchen, writing and cooking, Alex is plunging in the world of filmmaking. Now officially part of the Cine-Monstro team, he is the one recording the images and sounds, and editing this material to become just what you will watch. I make a point in introducing him, for I know very well how much the choices of how to record image and sound tell a story. Not to mention editing. & because he's such a nice guy, who works unprocrastinatingly and does it well.
Besides shooting and editing, Alex also expresses himself in other formats, such as music. To see more, this is the link: alexgirardi.tumblr.com 

I also got to thank Taís Mahs, who I have been daily working with since I moved here. Taís is the designer who responds for the graphic material of Instituto Orbitato, and she has been working in the graphic for the blog too. Without her, I would not have those pretty tags for my products, nor this pro titles in the videos. Grazzie bella! 

For all the incentive and for the music in the videos intro, thank you so much Mauro Refosco! In the video released this Friday you will be able to check the entire intro, since today's video is quite short.

Also many thanks to my dearest friends in São Paulo who have shared meetings and beers with me, discussing how could the videos be, and how to best say what has to be said. I miss you guys and Prainha so much. (I will refrain from mentioning names here, because if I slip up and leave one out, I'll be quite upset). 

I hope you enjoy this new format, subscribe to the youtube channel to receive the news, and tell me what you think about it! Here's a hello to get things started:

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