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Sink philosophy - the recent facts

27/02/2015 - 1 Comments - Sink Philosophy |

Sweetie pies, I mentioned that in 2015 I want to cook and write more, and be very present here in the blog. Do you recall it?
Well, in February I organized what I had to in order to stop working in filmmaking, and came to Santa Catarina to dedicate myself to cooking.
To start with,  I am preparing the snacks that are served at Instituto Orbitato when there are workshops, courses and meetings. In there, fashion, architecture and design are studied, hands-on and very practically.

And in the Galeria Orbitato (a mix of gallery and shop) you can buy homemade products of mine, for now the bee's hive, soon there will be the soft 100% whole wheat bread, and the famous mango chutney. The institute and the gallery are located at the same address, in downtown Pomerode - SC.

Another good thing: even if you can't come in person to chat a little and get to know my homemade products, you can see me in the videos that will come out soon. How about that?

Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 09am to 06pm, and in some special Sundays too.
There you can find clothing, acessories, paintings, prints, home design & What is in for today treats ;)
Hint: the town, which is already the sweetest thing, becomes even nicer during Easter time.
Located at: rua XV de novembro, 426. Pomerode - Santa Catarina.

I'll be waiting for you guys!


When I was still in college, if I knew I would go through a span of hard work, sometimes I bought half a dozen of instant lamen packages and left them in the pantry for "emergency cases" (read "cases of arriving home hungry and tired, just willing to take a shower and pass out").
But, well. Instant lamen is not the kind of thing that's usually found in my kitchen, due to the amount of industrialized junk in it's composition.

Talking to a friend about this impasse, he gave me a great idea of a substitute. Later, thinking about the theme "instant lamen", I came to a kind of philosophic conclusion about this problem. Let's see.

All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto, with collaboration from Catharina Strobel.

In my first article for this column I have talked about donner kebabs [in Brazil known as churrasco grego], and I mentioned that that would be almost the symbol-food for this space. When I think about street food, I said, I think about the carts scattered around downtown exhibiting piles of meat. But there is something else, more famous and popular, defying this reign in my head. Coxinha.

She's the queen of over-the-counter savory pastries, found everywhere - from greasy spoon bars to fine restaurants. And that's all right. It is possible to eat tiny whimsy gourmet versions in a food truck for almost R$10,00 or cross the street and order a huge coxinha at the bar for a couple of bucks. [A note from Flora: coxinha is fried pastry filled with shredded chicken, found literally every-where in Brazil].

When I decided to write about coxinha, soon I thought about going to the famous places to choose the best one. From Frangó, North of São Paulo? Or from Veloso, in Vila Mariana neighborhood? Some defend that the version from Barcelona bakery, in Higienópolis. But then I thought it would be common-place and kind of... silly. There are already a thousand (I have counted) articles like that around the internet, not to mention the annual city guides that vote and choose the best version of this treat.

Which one is the best coxinha? Beats me. I've tasted the famous ones, they are pretty good, yes. But they are small, pricey, and in the end I think the best coxinhas I ate were at parties with my family, when we bought them by the hundred from Dona Maria, a Japanese lady who lives here in Mooca. Mostly because I could have ten of them in a row.

So I changed the approach and dropped by a place I love, where they have a delightful version of this dish - this one, I can say, is the best in town: the Coxa-creme do Estadão. Wait, that is not a coxinha! No, you're right, but it kind of is. Plus, it's huge, cheap and underestimated.

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