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I am not sure why, but in the last 5 years coconut oil has won the public favour. I ask myself how does that happen.
I wonder if at the same time several studies and articles have been published about it's fantastic properties obtained through topical and internal use? If Bono Vox or a real good-looking celebrity has given a speech on it?
It's always the same thing with these "super foods" - they leave me intrigued and suspicious.
I am not saying that kale, goji, chia, açaí, don't have excellent nutrients, but I don't know... I don't think that concentrating all hopes in a few specific items will save the world.

Anyway, at some point in the last year or the previous one, I decided to experiment the blessed coconut oil. And you know what? I really liked it. I am sure I have bought it during the cold months, for I remember it remained solid at room temperature in the cabinet (and that happens only below 25oC, as stated in the oil packaging label).
Soon I acquired the habit of spreading it over bread as I was did with butter.


Street food - food trucks in São Paulo.

24/10/2014 - 3 Comments - Street Food |

All images and text in this post are by Gabriel Marzinotto.

Here in my column in the blog What is in for Today, I have defined street food in an extensive way: not only food that is found in streets and sidewalks, but that quick, practical and cheap food we find around town, in a way less isolated from the environment, neighborhood, and community. But sure: stalls and vans will always be forms more... pure, let's say.

This week I decided to not talk about a specific food or local, but instead of a initiative that has started to "catch" here in São Paulo over the last year: the Food Trucks. For those unfamiliar with it, they are pretty little trucks, well finished, and which serve, usually, fancier versions of the popular stalls. The infamous gourmet version.

Do you remember that time when I talked about one of the reasons why I consider Grandmothers to be so ninja?
They are awesome! It doesn't matter if something goes wrong or different from the expected, they have this unbelievable ability to transform something into something else. A thing that is good.
This is particularly true in the kitchen, but applies to other knowledge areas, for sure.
I am very far from being a Grandmother, but at least I can start training my ninja side now.

It happens that lately my boyfriend and I are very interested in coffee. We have tried special varieties, different roasts, acidity like this, aroma like that... Not that we are experts in this subject, only we enjoy it a lot.

Then, one day I just *had* to drink coffee along with this cake I baked, and there was not a single coffee bean in my pantry.
Well, I didn't hesitate. I went downstairs and bought a bag of common ground coffe at the corner store.
I was surprised when my palate just didn't like it at all. It wasn't even ok. Well, check this out! I got spoiled.
Then I needed to put my mind to work to find a way to deal with 1/2kg of a coffee I didn't enjoy.

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