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The coconut oil craze, plus a cacao spread that doubles as sauce

31/10/2014 - 2 Comments - Recipes | Powdered cocoa, Breakfast, Honey, Coconut oil, Tahine

I am not sure why, but in the last 5 years coconut oil has won the public favour. I ask myself how does that happen.
I wonder if at the same time several studies and articles have been published about it's fantastic properties obtained through topical and internal use? If Bono Vox or a real good-looking celebrity has given a speech on it?
It's always the same thing with these "super foods" - they leave me intrigued and suspicious.
I am not saying that kale, goji, chia, açaí, don't have excellent nutrients, but I don't know... I don't think that concentrating all hopes in a few specific items will save the world.

Anyway, at some point in the last year or the previous one, I decided to experiment the blessed coconut oil. And you know what? I really liked it. I am sure I have bought it during the cold months, for I remember it remained solid at room temperature in the cabinet (and that happens only below 25oC, as stated in the oil packaging label).
Soon I acquired the habit of spreading it over bread as I was did with butter.

I usually take simple breakfasts: something neutral or savory, in general bread or cereal, some fruit, and tea or coffee.

I must have had a sweet tooth atack in a given morning, when I decided to make a sweet spread taking coconut oil as base. The idea was to make something that resembled nutella. I don't think it is similar, actually, but it does taste good.

Since it's happened before that I came up with something in the heat of the moment, liked it, and was never able to repeat the recipe, I acquired the habit of keeping a notebook in the kitchen and taking notes while cooking.
That's where I wrote down the proportions for this spread, which I have repeated several times. At some point, I realized I could store it not only in the refrigerator (where the consistency would be firm), but I could also keep it at room temperature, where it would be more liquid, like a sauce. I started drizzling it on top of fruit, icecream and pancakes too.

The ratio is:
2 parts tahine (sesame butter)
4 parts coconut oil
1 part honey
1 part unsweetened pure cocoa powder
1 pinch ground cinnamon

It can be prepared just for immediate consumption, measuring with teaspoons, or in larger batches to use little by little. The longer I have kept this spread in my counter was for 3 weeks, and it kept good. Se you keep it for longer, keep an eye on the aspect and smell to make sure it is ok.


A hint: if the tahine used to prepare this spread is the last smear, the sesame taste will be stronger, and the texture will be more granulated, less smooth. This happens because the solid part of sesame tends to sediment at the bottom of the jar, separating from the oil. I prefer to give the tahine a good stirr to incorporate well solids and oil before taking what I will use in the cacao spread.

So, what do you think of "super foods"?

11/11/2014 18:36:28


Spread and a sauce? Genius! What else do you use coconut oil for? Remember to add it to your Besty List! http://www.thebesty.com/florarefosco

Response from Flora
Hi Julia! How are you? Oh, I owe an email. Sorry about my absence. I've been using coconut oil in place of butter to top bread, sauté vegetables, cake batter... have you been using it too? Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment! Hope to see you around :) I will try to get back to besty as soon as I get a chance.

01/11/2014 19:07:39

Deisy Emerich

a cara desse pasta está demais!!! essa receita vou tentar com certeza para ver se aplaca as formiguinhas daqui. beijo!

Response from Flora
Dede, manda foto quando fizer :*

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