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By the way - How to make stencil to decorate cakes

19/01/2017 - 2 Comments - By the way | Confectioner's sugar, Cake

Stencil is a very accessible technique used for decoration which renders beautiful results. It delivers your message in walls, t-shirts, and even cakes.
Basically, we cut out a surface, and the parts taken out of the paper form the drawing that will be printed. I think the picture below will help.

I really enjoy playing around with stencil, so I experiment with detailed images, such as the Nacho Libre below. Anyway, I have also made cakes embellished with only a couple of hearts and find it beautiful. Since Rebeca asked me, I have prepared this post to explain how to make stencils.

When I feel like cutting out something simple and quick, I use regular printing paper or parchment paper and scissors. Tracing the shapes beforehand is really helpful, though it’s fine to skip this step.

When I make a mask that will be used more than once, I cut in transparency plastic (found in any stationary store) or in x-ray sheets. Since these are thicker materials, in this case I use box cutters, placing the plastic sheet on top of an old magazine.
I also prefer this material when the image I’m cutting has complex shapes.

For drawings with more than one color, first I print or draw the outlines in a separate sheet of paper. The same amount of colors in the drawing, is the amount of masks I will cut out. I do that using sheets equal in size, to make sure ends meet.

Next, I copy only the traces of color number 1 to the sheet that will be cut. In the picture, I am copying the traces of color number 1 from the portrait (light purple) to the x-ray sheet.
I repeat the process using a new x-ray sheet copying only the elements of color number 2 (in this example, the dark red). Then I actually cut out each mask.
I’ve made this stencil to paint on a t-shirt. Check side by side the original sketch, mask number 1, and mask number 2.

The “paints” I use to decorate cakes are sugar, ground cinnamon, cocoa, matcha… Fine powders that can be dusted on top of a cake.
And how to paint?
- Once the cake is out of the pan, placed on the serving tray, I place the stencil mask on top of it. I make sure the mask touches very closely the cake's surface, leaving no gap between them.
- Using a fine mesh sieve, I sprinkle the “paint” (in this case, cinnamon) over it.
- I carefully take away the stencil mask, avoiding blurs.

- I place the mask number 2, repeat. If there are other color layers, I go on like this until I finish printing the image.

Look how festive!

This technique allows for infinite forms of expression, including writing. It only depends on patience and ability to cut out the thinner and curvier lines. In the next example, I’ve dusted sugar directly on the dish to leave a cute message.

A particularly good looking way to use stencil in folding a sheet of paper and cutting out random shapes, like a kaleidoscope. I’ve made a gif to show:

Have you decorated cakes like this? And t-shirts? Your place? (take a look at my desk surroundings: there’s Shaft, a Totoro I got from Bru as a gift, and a couple of flowers in stencil alongside the printed posters).

It’s great fun. I hope this post came out clear, but if you got doubts, let me know!
PS: people also use stencil to decorate lattes.

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So, what’s your hint to beautify things with simplicity? Share in the comments!

17/05/2017 09:32:31

Laurici Wolf

Muito bem explicado.Adorei.Grata.

Response from Flora
querida! <3

19/01/2017 10:34:41


Lindo post, Flora! Belas imagens e texto bem claro, explicativo sem ser convencionalmente didático. Outro título para o post seria: Quando a explicação vira poesia, ou Expresse-se, mas sem perder a fofura. Parabéns!!!

Response from Flora
Sandra, sua linda! <3 Obrigada pelo carinho, vamos stencilzar tudo por aí!

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